Upperwood Academy is a caring, supportive and inclusive school which believes in developing four key aspects in every child: academic excellence, physical well being, social confidence and a desire to improve.

Our aim is to create a happy and secure atmosphere where your child will always be encouraged to do their personal best. We provide a broad, balanced and enriched education and place a great deal of emphasis on the traditional values of hard work and good behaviour.

'Pupils know how to keep themselves safe in school, online and in the local community. When they share their worries with staff, they are confident they will be followed up effectively.'

'In lessons, pupils concentrate and focus when they are being taught. They show real enthusiam and engagement with their learning. As a result, pupils do well at every stage of their schooling. They leave Upperwood Academy with high standards and go on to their secondary school as capable and confident pupils.'



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Upperwood Academy

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