COVID Support

COVID - 19 Support

If you are struggling to talk to your child about Covid 19, we have attached a link to the NSPCC website that may support you at this time.

Talking to a child worried about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Financial Hardship

If you need support financially during this time, due to a change in circumstance, you may find some help on the leaflet at the bottom of the page.

Domestic Abuse 

If you need help during the Covid-19 outbreak at the bottom of the page is a link containing information/instructions and contact numbers to support you at this time. 

Resource Packs from Public Health 

You will find at the bottom of page two resource packs one for children and one for parent/carers to support the 'stay at home' measures.  There are lots of links to websites that may help you as a family at this time.

Alcohol Change UK's information and advice hub

This link contains information and advice on alcohol use, including tips for managing drinking and links to support.


Bereavement Support

If you are one of the unfortunate ones who have experienced bereavement during this time, our thoughts and support go out to you as a family.  We are here for you at this time, but you may also find some extra help on the leaflet at the bottom of the page.


Safeguarding at Upperwood Academy

At Upperwood Academy the health, safety, and well-being of every child is our top priority. We expect all staff, governors, and volunteers to share this commitment to safeguarding our pupils.

We listen to our pupils and take seriously what they tell us. All school staff are trained in Child Protection, and children are made aware of the adults they can talk to if they have any concerns. Staff are trained to look out for signs of physical/emotional harm or neglect and are required to report these to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

The procedures which we follow have been laid down by the Barnsley Council Safeguarding Team and the school has adopted a Safeguarding Policy in line with this, for the safety of all. On rare occasions, our concern about a child may mean that we have to consult other agencies. We will ensure that all concerns are discussed with parents/carers first before any referrals are made unless we believe that such a move may be contrary to a child’s welfare.


The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Katie Hirst (SENDCO)

The Deputy Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Merrills (HLTA/Inclusion)

The Safeguarding Governor is Mrs Kath Williams

If you require any further information please contact the school office.


Early Help

Why early help is important

Early help can offer children the support needed to reach their full potential. It can improve the quality of a child’s home and family life, enable them to perform better at school, and support their mental health.

Providing timely support is vital. Addressing a child or family's needs early on can reduce risk factors and increase protective factors in a child's life.  It is more effective to provide early help when problems first arise than to intervene later.

Early help can also support a child to develop strengths and skills that can prepare them for adult life (Early Intervention Foundation (EIF), 2018).


Useful links:

Safeguarding Children in Barnsley

Being a parent is extremely rewarding, but sometimes it isn't easy. You can find out more about how to keep your child safe here, and how to get help if you're having some family difficulties. 

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