Letter to Parents Regarding School Reopening in January

Posted on 4/01/2021

Dear Parents and Pupils,

You will probably be aware that school unions (including my own, the National Association of Headteachers) are in discussions today about the best course of action for the return of teachers and pupils to school in 2021. Teaching at Upperwood will resume on Tuesday 5th January, so I am writing to update you of the school’s position on the matter.

As planned, school will be open for all pupils from Tuesday 5th January. The priorities of Upperwood are the safety of everyone at school, the education for our children and the daily care of our parents’ children. Positive COVID-19 cases in the Darfield ward can be seen below; they are below the national average and our area remains in Tier 3. The data and the surrounding circumstances have informed our decision to remain open to the community. We will continue to monitor this closely.

The situation is ever changing. There is still time for me to receive notifications from staff advising me they will not be returning to school next week. If this occurs, I will be forced to reassess how we can open and who we can open for. 

To summarise, school will be open from Tuesday 5th Januaryduring our usual hours. I very much hope to see you all then. 

Alistair Budd


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