Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather we need to make you aware of the procedures in place to inform you when Upperwood is closed before the school day commences. The most direct form of gathering information is through the school website and Facebook page. A message will be posted on here remotely by a member of staff which will give you details of the closure; this will be amended throughout the day with information of when the school will re-open. Dearne FM will also be contacted to broadcast details on their radio station and web page. Dearne FM 102 & 97.1 FM www.dearnefm.co.uk Both of these methods of communication will be put in place early morning, before children need to start making their way to school. Should the inclement weather arrive during the school day, please do not contact school to check if it will be closing as this jams the phone lines. Should we make the decision to close the school during the school day we have a system ready in place which is as follows:

A text message will be sent to parents via their mobile telephones, giving notice that we are planning to close the school during the day so it is important that we have the most up to date mobile number. If you have changed your mobile number recently please contact us to let us know. Children will remain in their class until a known adult comes to collect them. Under no circumstances will children be allowed to leave school alone. As you can imagine the amount of calls being made to parents will be huge this is why it is extremely important that you do not contact the school as this jams the phone lines and will not allow staff to make any communication with parents at all.