School Values

Upperwood Academy is a caring, supportive and inclusive school which believes in developing four key aspects in every child:

  • academic excellence
  • wellbeing
  • social confidence
  • the desire to improve. 

These core values permeate through our school curriculum and ethos. 

The Upperwood Code communicates our core values to our pupils. 

Academic Excellence  

  • Children make excellent progress through the Upperwood Curriculum which means they know more and remember more. 
  • Children learn to become accomplished readers; they read expertly to support further acquisition of subject knowledge. 
  • As a consequence of their hard work and endeavours, children at Upperwood attain well in National assessments allowing them to access the next phase of their education.  


  • By engaging in our coherent, well structured and progressive Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) curriculum, our pupils learn to:
    • assume greater responsibilities
    • manage personal safety, including online
    • manage physical and emotional changes during puberty
    • introduces pupils to the wider world
    • enables them to make an active contribution to the local community.
  • Children are taught that mental health, just like physical health, is something we have to take care of and is part of our daily life. We nurture children's wellbeing through the wider support of our pastoral team who provide bespoke counselling and support.
  • The social, spiritual and emotional development of pupils is embedded throughout the entire curriculum and school culture. Weekly assemblies are a coming together of pupils and teachers in one place for a shared purpose, that purpose is to provide the opportunity for pupils to consider spiritual and moral issues, to develop community spirit and reinforce  positive attitudes. Crucial skills, knowledge and attitudes developed through PSHE education are critical to ensuring academic success. 

Social Confidence

  • A child who posses high self esteem will acquire a healthy attitude towards life. A rooted foundation of confidence will enable them to face life's challenges and will act as a passport to a positive outlook, to well balanced social skills and future success. 
  • At Upperwood, we develop positive self esteem by ensuring all children experience success. Our curriculum develops confidence by challenging pupils to grasp new skills and acquire new interests; thus developing their resilience and building their self esteem. 
  • In order for pupils to become confident in social situations, our curriculum offers opportunities for pupils to develop their spoken and written communication skills for purpose and in context.  

Desire to Improve

  • We challenge pupils to attain high academic and personal outcomes. Children are rewarded for their hard work and efforts with our whole school reward structures. We celebrate progress and improvements alongside attainment so that children place importance on their personal improvements. 
  • We place emphasis on developing pupils Cultural Capital in order to give pupils the best possible start in their lives. We immerse children in dance and music, experience theatre and visits as far as London. We engage in trips to museums, various places of worship, historic sites and introduce them to literature and art. Embedding Cultural Capital in our curriculum widens pupils knowledge of the world.
  • Our Upperwood Charters give pupils the opportunity to experience a wide range activities whilst inspiring them to realise their full potential and help shape their futures.