The aim of our curriculum is to build the knowledge, skills and attitudes pupils need to become informed, articulate and empowered. Music is an important expression of creativity and culture.

Children learn to sing and play tuned and un-tuned instruments from Nursery to Y3. In addition to instrumental and vocal work, children explore technology as a means of creating music.   

In Year 4, our specialist music teaching provides opportunity for pupils to gain skills alongside an appreciation of music and the confidence to perform. Children learn musical notation, composition and musical appreciation.

In addition to class music lessons, many children learn additional instruments through the Barnsley Music service provision. Currently, we have children in school learning to play Flute and Guitar. 

Singing in weekly assemblies for all children in school provides opportunity to perform and develop their musical ability in song. Regular opportunities to perform in concerts and shows both individually and as a class enable children to grow as confident performers. Further opportunities both regionally and more locally provide children with a chance to perform in a larger arena through both the Young Voices concert in Sheffield, as well as performance alongside other schools at music festivals in Barnsley.