Breakfast Club

COVID-19 and the return to school in September has taken some careful planning and as you will be aware we have organised children into “bubbles”, namely, groups of children who can interact with each other children in their bubble not with other bubbles in school.

Consequently, running a breakfast club is going to be very difficult. We can however, run a limited breakfast club to assist those parents who have no alternative, although there is limited capacity.

Breakfast club will commence at 8:00am and the last entry to breakfast club will be 8:10am. This is to avoid meeting other groups on their staggered entry to school.

  • Children will have to attend each day, Monday to Friday.
  • The cost will remain at £1.50 per day. 
  • Children will sit in the hall in their class bubbles separated from other bubbles by at least 1 metre. 
  • We will only provide toast and juice and all plates and cups will be disposable.
  • Breakfast club will not be open to E.Y.F.S children initially.

You will need to book your place by emailing s.stone@upperwoodacademy.com 

Once full a waiting list will be made.

Your child will safely be escorted to their class at the appropriate time.